Nancy E. Harris M.H.

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Next recital dates:  December 7 in Denver; March in Chandler 

Unsolicited endorsement:
"Anything that Nancy Harris does - you can count on her being brilliant! Additionally - she is a pearl - a great person. I highly recommend her to ALL!” Karen Lee Bridge

​​From three recent recipients of my jazz recordings:​
"​Wow, what a GORGEOUS album! Just absolutely beautiful! It arrived today and I have listened already 2x. I love the mix of standards and jazz tunes. Your voice is lovely, and it's exciting to also hear the accompaniment, like the big band that comes in for That Old Black Magic. I will listen and enjoy many more times! This week I'll upload it to my computer so I can listen when I'm traveling this summer. Thank you!" Ben (classic/jazz pianist)

​​"I got the CD's! Every cut a sweet memory or ten, and you certainly did make them your own while fully respecting the composer. Thank you SOOOOO much!" Wayne

"​​I was going to wait until I had heard all of both CDs, but I've decided to tell you now: your utterly fluid control
of your voice through its wide range is AMAZING! It's so much fun to hear you interpret the variety of songs you chose! Wow. I knew you would be good, but I had no idea!
" Gray (

From the founder of CoreSinging and author of multiple vocal pedagogy and singing books:​​
“Nancy is a superb teacher and pedagogue. Her quest for learning about the voice is admirable.” Meribeth Dayme, Ph.D.

From the editor of Opera Pronto:

"Dear Nancy, This community will miss you greatly, for you have been a great motivator and leader in so many important activities in the cultural life here. I wish you happiness and hope you find joy in your new adventures in Arizona. Vaya con dios." Charles C. Ralph, Colorado Opera Network, ​​