Reviews from Workshop Participants
"Nancy, thank you so much for coming to our Foothills meeting yesterday. We enjoyed your presentation! There were so many positive comments about it. One member even emailed me yesterday afternoon to say how much she enjoyed it. That never happens! So we are very pleased that you could be with us. I hope we'll all be breathing more deeply and paying attention to our posture as we teach this fall. :) Best wishes to you in your teaching and performing.."
Dr Christelle Menth, VP, Foothills Music Teachers Association

 "Nance, I wanted to tell you again how much we enjoyed an appreciated all your valuable advice Saturday! I'm still hearing people referring to it (even my son!!!) And those that missed it are sure sorry. I would really love for the collaboration with you and PHAMALy to continue somehow. A lot of people are interested in the group lvoice lesson idea. And maybe even another workshop sometime?!"
Kathleen Traylor,  Physically Handicapped Amateur Actors League (PHAMALy)

"Your presentation was outstanding! Thank you for squeezing us into your tight schedule. You are a GOLD mine of information!"
Scott Shively, Director of Vocal Music, Denver School of the Arts

"Thank you once again for sharing the wonderful information with us. Everyone felt it was indeed time well spent. Our chapter of NPM feel honored and blessed having you for our presenter. I always learn something new."
Alma Jerome, National Assoc of Pastoral Musicians

(To Ms Blair, coordinator of DPAC Education) "I was at a wonderful presentation by Nancy Harris last Tuesday evening, June 8, and found it very useful and informative.  My studio is in Golden, and, if possible, we would very much like to request Nancy Harris again."
Allison Ollsson, choir director and private music teacher

"Thank you for the wonderful presentation at the voice workshop, which I attended on Friday, Feb. 6 (NPM at  St Dominic's)  I was the third volunteer lector. you had us totally engaged, whether the material was new for us or a refresher. I learned a lot, and will try to apply this knowledge both to speaking and singing (and to playing my clarinet as well!). I am especially aware of a new appreciation for the complexity and awesomeness of all of God's creation, including us!  You really have a gift and talent for teaching, a "ministry" in itself. Thanks again! "
Georgia Gunzenhause

Was the workshop helpful for your group? "Extremely so! Following the presentation, my choir was extremely motivated and much more knowledgeable than they were before Nancy's seminar. I learned new, valuable, and readily useful information, also. If possible, I would love to have Nancy return to work with both the choir and individuals within the choir. She stayed another 20 minutes working with a student, and I can't overstate my satisfaction with Nancy's presentation and personality!"                    
Don Hall, Director, Beth Eden Baptist High School Concert Choir

"Your presentation at GAMTA this morning was so informative. Your positive approach is refreshing and your explanations are easy to understand. I look forward to your workshop at the state conference. Thank you for sharing your knowledge this morning."
Kathy Hammer, President, Colorado State Music Teachers Association