CD Reviews
“Nancy E. Harris will be singing in Opera Colorado’s chorus for Norma. Just released is a CD by Nancy of jazz standards, With All My Heart, Nance, that should be in the collection of every cool jazz lover.”
Opera Pronto, Issue 6.2.1 , Newsletter of the Colorado Opera Network , 06/02/06

Your cool jazz album is a joy. I will send you a check tomorrow for a few copies for giving to some family and friends. Love your work. “
Charles Ralph, Editor, Opera Pronto

“I love it! I have it in my car and play it when I’m not listening to opera. It alternates with Dianna Reeves and the soundtrack from Brokeback Mountain.”
Maestro Stephen Lord, Conductor, Opera Colorado

"Listening to your recordings—Wow they are luscious! Creating with you was an amazing experience—I am grateful for you in my life."
Randall Streiffert, Recording Engineer, White Sage Music  

"Your utterly fluid control of your voice through its wide range is AMAZING! It's so much fun to hear
you interpret the variety of songs you chose! Wow. I knew you would be good, but I had no idea!"

Gray Lunsford, professional guitarist

​“I loved your CD and so did my husband. We are using it as our Valentine.”
Alma Jerome, National Pastoral Musicians

“I loved your performance. You were fabulous!!!!! You delivered the song with such emotion that it went right to my heart. Wow, I love working with you on such material, can’t wait to start the next project.”
Randall Streiffert, Recording Engineer, White Sage Music

“You really have a lovely voice. Delicious, full tone, which gives away your choral and operatic training.
But your colloquial diction and natural phrasing on these ballads is just great, with a lot of expression in the wording that really appeals to me. I feel that I can hear you thinking the lines as you go--which is not true, for me, with many pro's in the field. I also like that you mostly sing the lines straight--singing the song--instead of hoking them up or exhibiting a "style." You chose some wonderful old standards, of course, which I love. (I'd forgotten about "Around Midnight," and it gave me great pleasure to hear it again.) So, congratulations!
Terry Lunsford, Ph.D. Jurisprudence, Univ of Calif-Berkeley

"I got the CD's!  Every cut's a sweet memory or ten, and you certainly did make them your own while fully respecting the composer.  Thank you SOOOOO much!"
Wayne Slater-Lunsford, professional musician

"I love, love, love your CD; that’s all I have been listening to!!!”
Rick Finbow

“Your worst is everybody else’s better-than-best!”​​ 
Catherine Kunce, CU Professor

“I have just one word for you: BUTTER! It is so smooth and rich, I can listen to it over and over. Do another one!“
Scott Lubinski, Music Director, Littleton Town Hall Arts Center

“Your CD arrived Tuesday. All the songs were beautiful, and “What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life was really outstanding. Such a polished sound you have. The CD is really professional stuff! I loved the selections and the jazzy way several were done, voice over harmonies, telephone calls, a little saxophone solo. WOW!
Barry Henline, M.S., North Carolina

“Your CD was terrific, and contained some of our favorites. Your voice is wonderful, Nancy!”
William Brady, former GM of WUSF-FM, Florida

“Your brilliant CD arrived yesterday and I’ve listened to it twice. Wonderful! My favorite tracks are What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life and Willow Weep for Me, but they are all really good. Your voice is so pure and you have such a range!”
Jan Lunsford, BME, Surrey, England