Nancy E. Harris's Performance Reviews
The work of Nancy E. Harris as Marmee (a role she originated) stands out like a beacon. Here is an actress who not only handles the operatic aspects of her vocal parts with precision and grace, she manages to be absolutely present in every moment she’s onstage.”
John Moore, Theatre Critic, The Denver Post 12/16/05

Nancy E. Harris stuns as Marmee. If you are looking for a heart-tugging musical for the holidays you can't go wrong seeing (Rodgers & Stevens’) Little Women: The Musical at Town Hall Arts in Littleton.”
David Marlowe, Theatre Critic, Life on Capitol Hill, 11/15/05

“Classically trained Nancy E. Harris' vocal work as an impossibly loving mother is particularly impressive.” John Moore, Theatre Critic, The Denver Post 11/27/01

“…and Nancy E. Harris as the Princess have splendid voices and offer lively performances to match their songs.” Robert Downing, Drama Editor, The Denver Post 05/05/72

"Thank you so much for sharing your passion with us. I looked up the word (impeccable) and found the meaning I was intending- flawless. Your acting and singing are flawless."
Anne Prather, Producer, LTHAC, Dec 05

"Oh, my wonderful Marmee!! Thank you yet again for re-creating this exquisite role. It is such a joy to watch you immerse yourself in her each & every show. You are wonderful, I mean it. John Moore’s comments about you were well-deserved. You’re amazing, just amazing! You take every note and fix it just like that! I appreciate how strong you are in the part. You’re on top of it and really moving things along. I’m quite thrilled with your work, and I adore you. "
Sharlene Wanger, Director, LTHAC 12/05

“Thank you so much for gracing this show with your beautiful voice and wonderful Sylvia. You brought her to life! It’s been such a pleasure working with you.”
Kathleen Hopkins, Author & Director of Trolls, Federal Theatre

"Yet again you have created a sweetheart of a character. Grandma Tzeitel just grew and grew and you have taken every opportunity to deliver her song with comedy and meaning. Thank you, my friend, for allowing me to have professionals in every role. You always give so much to everything you do. This has been no exception. I am so grateful!”
Sharlene Wanger, Director, LTHAC 2008

“You have to find somewhere up here (in Greeley) for her to perform. She’s too good not to be on stage.”
Kay Chambers, Props Mistress, LTHAC, 2008

“(for Mendelssohn’s Elijah, alto soloist, on Jul 18, 1991)”
Dear Nancy, Thank you for your participation as a soloist in this year’s Summer Reading Session. Your personal artistry and professionalism were an inspiration to all concerned, and did much to make this project a success. Sincerely,
John Kuzma, Music Director, The Montview Conservatory of Music, Denver