Sample Workshop Titles
(If you want something presented that is NOT on this list, simply contact Nancy, and make the request. We will present whatever you need!)

The Art of Russian Song
So, what do those lip trills I've been teaching my students really do?​
​Keyboard Singing
​The Teacher's Voice: Keeping Yours Healthy
What You Should Know About Your Voice... And, Why?
Vocal Production, Projection, and Protection
Basic Vocal Pedagogy for High School Students
Basic Vocal Pedagogy for Middle School Students
Vocal Production for Church Choirs
Breathing Right for Singing :  (And what’s a diaphragm, anyway?)
Keeping Your Voice Healthy
Vocal Production for Actors
The Cantors’ Class: Improve Your Projection
Removing Jaw, Tongue, and Throat Tension
Full-body Singing
The American Voice: Correcting our Cultural Effects
What Teachers Need to Know About Their Voices
The Aging Voice: What Can We Correct?
Words, Words, Words: Pronunciation and Meaning in Song
Acting and Movement
Speech Preparation and Presentation
Arts and Humanities –History Presentations by Period