For Hire
Singer--Solo or with Combo
    Nancy is a singer of the Great American Songbook jazz ballad standards and musical theatre; can sing with either tracks or a small combo; cost depends upon number of people in combo, and length of time performed.  Go to "Contact Me" to explore the possibilities!  To hear a sample of Nancy's singing, go to Sample Recordings under "Performer" in the menu.

Actor--Live or Recorded
   Nancy is a singing actress with great reviews (see menu); she is available for plays, skits, musicals, and operas. An experienced radio announcer, DJ, producer, and sound engineer, voice-over work is second nature to her. In addition to commercials and  training DVDs, she has also created multiple 10-second jingles for station IDs. For samples of her commercials and jingles, go to Sample Recordings.

   A veteran storyteller with recordings on multiple CDs, Nancy can entertain at parties. To hear part of a story from her CDs, go to Sample Recordings.