Acting and Speech
Nancy has taught college courses in speech, communications, and acting; has been artistic director of several performing groups; and has extensive dance and other physical experiences. She can assist you in reaching your goals for better performance in any or all of these areas.


"Theatre is the imitation of reality." So, how do we make our acting so genuine that it appears to be real? How do we play comedy? How do we adjust to a proscenium theatre? To a 3/4 thrust stage? Which arm do we use when gesturing? When should we gesture? How do we establish a convincing relationship with another actor on stage? What is the terminology we should know to be an actor? How do we establish character? What are the physical characteristics of my character? What is a "back story"? These and many other questions can be answered during lessons with Nancy.

Speech preparation and presentation

It is common belief that most of us would rather die than give a speech! Rather drastic when you can simply take lessons in speech preparation (What type is it? Do I need props? Jokes? How long? Outline structure? Intros and Endings? Help!) and presentation (What do I do with my hands? How should I stand? What should I wear? Note cards? Stage fright! Help!). Every business person has at least one time, if not many, when he or she must present proposals of new concepts, reviews of prior projects, on ongoing reports. Occasionally these are in front of large audiences, rather than just a small team. Be prepared! Get assistance and practice. 

Speaking Projection

Anyone who needs to be heard clearly, whether on a stage or in a  day-to-day office environment or on the phone, can benefit from learning the basics of vocal production and how to project the voice safely and clearly. Correct diaphramatic support and precise articulation can be learned, and old habits replaced by better ones. 

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