Private Teaching Evaluations of N.E. Harris
Comments are from parents, other teachers, and students:

(Upon my imminent departure from Denver to Arizona:)
"To my friend and colleague, dear Nancy. You are our A1 Model and inspiration! Enjoy your grandson! We love you and thank you for all you have done for us and DAMTA from the bottom of our hearts!! We adore you! Love Gabi" Gabriela Gottlieb, (piano teacher and soloist, former VP DAMTA) "Thanks for helping me along as a new-bee" Dr. Carol Ann Barry (piano teacher) "Thanks for years of cheerful, faithful service." Sarah Dawson, composer) "Thanks for your wonderful friendship. You are a woman I always admired! Good luck in Arizona, I'll miss you." Patricia Parraguez-Chen (Argentinian pianist and soloist, former pres. of DAMTA) "We will miss you terribly! Be happy wherever you go! Maureen Keil (piano teacher) "Wonder Woman! Yea, that's you! Vince Madison (current president of DAMTA, piano teacher, composer, recording artist) "You have been so wonderful to all of us and we will try to carry on without you...I will think of you often, Nancy." Jan Spitzer (piano teacher, former pres of DAMTA)

"Dear Nancy, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me with my voice problems! “Everyone” has noticed a difference in my speech, and we know there is a big difference with my singing voice. ☺ Your seemingly indefatigable energy, determination, positive encouragement, wealth of knowledge, and great attention to the many details involved in vocal improvement are just some of the reasons you will be sorely missed. It is an honor to have had you as a teacher, and I wish you a wonderful future!
Thanks again, Love," Melba Stofka-Mott, (adult student)

Nancy, I just cannot express how grateful I am to you for all of the work that you do. Your dedication is outstanding. Thanks to you, many of my voice students are getting into honors choirs, plays (even professional ones), beating out the competition for talent show auditions, etc. You are such an inspiration, so kind and understanding, patient and knowledgeable. I would trust no other with these vocal folds :) and feel that I have come so far myself since having set foot in your studio. So, thank you. I am sure that I speak for many when I say that you are one KICK ASS, MASTER TEACHER :) (pardon my French...all of it)!" 
JB (Voice, piano, guitar teacher and  performer, unsolicited 2012 email)

"I'm trying to get a music minister position and thought it would really help if I had a better understanding of how the voice works. Of course, I can't think of a better voice teacher than you!!!"
Stephanie Morrison (Piano teacher at Denver Community College)

"I've been fortunate to work with Nancy Harris in multiple ways. She has been invaluable to me as a voice teacher and to my son as he was learning piano. Nancy has the ability to show the student where his or her gifts lie and how to access them to enhance performance and confidence in the artist. Top qualities: Great results, expert, & high integrity."
Tracy Shaffer ( Playwright & DPAC Actress) 

"I hired Nancy as a piano/voice instructor for my daughters when they were very young. She is the reason they continue to be passionate about theater and music. Top qualities: Great results, personable, and high integrity."
Lisa Morris (Professional Photographer)

"To my dear friend, Nancy...Thanks for all you do to spread knowledge and model artistry to your students. I'm proud to be your colleague."  
Cynthia Vaughn (Voice instructor and owner of Magnolia Studios, retired CSU professor, co-author of The Singing Book)

"Of course, my voice-builder guru knows best. And I know that, if anyone can help me get some work done anywhere in my voice, it is you. I remain optimistic, yet realistic."
Annette Germinario (adult student)

"I would also love to do anything with you (re possible joint teaching), because I really enjoy everything about working with you!"
Allison Olsson (Choir Director, Piano teacher, and former student) 

"You did really great work with her. I'm just polishing an already beautiful stone." Kate Emerich (Speech Pathologist, Singing Specialist, Denver University instructor in voice department regarding former student now graduated from DU and going on to a professional voice career.)

"We thank you for all that you have contributed to who he is, it's more than you think - his years of lessons with you were such a positive force in his life."
Mary Maguire (Parent of student, Pediatrician)

Thank you for your e-mail and your support for the Vocal Arts Competition. Hannah R. was wonderful. You've done a great job! I look forward to hearing Nick next year. Best regards, MeeAe"  
(Dr. MeeAe Cecilia Nam Assistant Professor of Voice Chair of Vocal Studies Program Music Dept Metro State College re my winning student)

“I have known Nancy Harris for 20 years and know her to be a very honest, dedicated, and hard-working individual. I know her as a very creative person and an excellent teacher with wide-ranging skills. Nancy is very precise and inspiring and encourages the best in her students.
I feel I can make this assessment because I have taught in the Denver are for 21 years, 14 of those at the university level, including the University of Denver and Metropolitan State College.
I am pleased to recommend Nancy to you, and if you have any specific questions, please feel free to call me. Very truly yours,
Patricia M. Hansen (Yoga Consultant and Instructor)

“I am writing this letter on behalf of Nancy Harris.
I have known Mrs. Harris for at least 12 years since we first met as members of a large music support organization in Denver (Jr sym Guild//Charlotte was president). She was extremely generous in giving of her own talent to various events sponsored by that group. Recently, we became even more closely associated when she began giving voice lessons to my two daughters. Having, myself, had 15 years of serious piano study and being a teacher of both youth and adults, I have come to appreciate the musical knowledge and teaching ability demonstrated by Mrs. Harris.
Mrs. Harris is an excellent vocal music teacher. After having observed her instruct our two daughters, I have been impressed with her knowledge of music in general and , specifically with her knowledge of the human voice, the mechanisms that produce sound, and her care in working with young people to develop singing voices while paying close attention to protecting those young voices. She is meticulous in working with students to produce the proper sound in the proper manner, yet gently and kind in her treatment of the individual. She is very much aware that, in teaching voice, the PERSON and the VOICE are inextricably intertwined and that damage to one entity damages the other. Mrs. Harris’ knowledge of music is complemented by her background in dance, theatre, and literature, and these combine to produce a well-rounded musical experience for the student.
My husband and I feel that the training our older daughter received from Mrs. Harris prepared her for successful auditions at the university level and offered her the opportunity to receive scholarships. [accepted full tuition scholarship from FL State Univ] In addition, our young daughter is receiving the proper instruction in voice techniques that will protect her voice, as well as prepare her for continued development of whatever talents she may possess. Mrs. Harris has been able to gear the level of instruction to the age and maturity of each girl. Her knol3edge of child development has allowed her to deal with each student at her own level, and her sense of humor has helped each accept herself when her WANT TO has been ahead of her ABILITY TO accomplish.
Should you wish to contact me, I will be happy to answer any questions regarding Nancy Harris’ abilities as a vocal music teacher. Sincerely yours,
Charlotte A. Worster (Instructor, Red Rocks Community College) 1989”

“Dear Nancy, as our CSMTA term of office draws to a close, I want to express my appreciation for your service as Outreach Chair. I know that extenuating circumstances have prevented you from accomplishing all you had envisioned, but that’s true for all of us.
In the beginning of your term, the connection you set up for us to attend a play and to get special symphony tickets made this teacher’s adult students very happy!
Your imagination and your willingness to help, or to find someone who will, have been invaluable. I have appreciated your presence at board meetings, with your creativity and cheerfulness. You have made a contribution every time! Thank you. Appreciatively,
Nancy Kaesler, NCTM (President, Colorado State Music Teachers Association)

“I have known Nancy Harris for about 16 years. Our first encounter was when Nancy approached me as a piano teacher for her two young daughters. At that time I had the impression of her as being a very devoted and creative mother who wanted the very best in terms of overall education for her children.
Later, I had the opportunity to give Nancy piano lessons because she wanted to improve her already very good piano skills. Again, I enjoyed a very responsible, eager-to-learn student, and even better, a very musical person.
I also know another aspect of Nancy, this time not a musical ne. She gave me yoga lessons, which helped me a lot with my general health and peace of mind. Nancy was a great instructor!
In the last few years I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Nancy. Together, we prepared some lieder to perform in a course entitled “Vocal Literature for singers and Pianists” given by Colorado University professor Mutsumi Moteki. I find Nancy’s voice very beautiful with a rich tone, and she has an emotional and intellectual understanding of the score.
Lastly, as the President of the Denver Are Music Teachers’ Association, I had the joy of having Nancy Harris as our secretary and newsletter editor (VP), a job she continues to perform magnificently.
Therefore, I am please to recommend Nancy to you. Sincerely,
Patricia Parraguez-Chen (Master Piano Instructor) 2001

“I have known Nancy Harris for about eight years in several capacities: as my chiropractic patient, as my voice teacher, and as a performer.
While she has been my patient, I have appreciated Nancy’s continuing quest for health for both herself and her family. Her understanding and fund of knowledge about structure, function, and nutrition and their practical application in the body continues to grow as she searches for their optimal health.
As her voice student, I was impressed with her ability to communicate simply, without complication, to evoke appropriate vocal responses. And, yet, she could fill in the scientific explanations where needed. I enjoyed my lessons very much and learned a lot about the difficulties of correct voice production.
And, I have thoroughly enjoyed her performing abilities, her being able to go from belting a Broadway song to a very sweet melodic sound, all while demonstrating a professional ability to act, dance, and clown at the same time.
I believe her abilities all indicate that a career that combines science, music, and teaching are perfect for Nancy , and I highly recommend her to you. Sincerely,
Karin Nelson, R.N., D. C. - 2001”