Piano for Singers
 I have successfully taught private piano lessons (in addition to voice) for at least 20 years. In 2006, due to the demand on my time for my services as a vocologist, I made the decision to limit my piano instruction to my voice students, only.

I feel that it is extremely important for singers to acquire skills on an instrument, and the piano is one of the most useful instruments for a singer (guitar would be another). Piano study enhances knowledge of theory, thus improving the student's ability to sight-read, understand and use rhythm correctly, and  learn the vocabulary of written music. It also provides a physical connection to the music, with intervals (distances between notes) felt in the hands. As music is a temporal art (taking place through time, ephemeral), having a kinetic connection greatly aids the learning process.

Those of my voice students desiring piano lessons have several alternatives: additional lesson times scheduled only for piano lessons; or, alternating their voice and piano lessons each week. The same rates apply for both piano and voice lessons.

For costs, please go to Arizona Studio under "Teacher".