HOT News

Studio openings: (All times are Phoenix time--no Daylight Savings, so varies from MST to PST)

Skype or FaceTime lessons, anywhere, or onsite lessons in the Phoenix East Valley (Chandler-Mesa-Gilbert-Tempe) are available. Mentoring for teachers is also available. Please contact me for more information. I am currently accepting only three (3) more students into my studio.

​​Teaching days currently open are  weekly on Thursday  and Saturday afternoons. Tuesdays are available for bi-weekly lessons only.  All lessons are 45 minutes long.

​Available slots :   Thur weekly:  3:30, 4:15, or 5 pm; Sat weekly: 4:30, 5:45 pm ; Tues bi-wkly adults only: 3, 3:45, or 5 pm

Currently, contracted weekly lessons are $50 each; bi-weekly lessons are $55; single drop-ins are $65. Tuition is payable in advance monthly, or at a discount by semester or by school year. (See policies, last page, under Teacher above). Registration fee is $85, payable yearly.

​My rates, which have not changed for 5 years, will go up slightly, starting in June. Weekly lessons will be $60 and bi-weekly will be $65. However, next year we will be off a little more, so the monthly averages for those starting in August will be $198 for weekly students and $117 for bi-weekly students.​

​​Use Contact Me above to request more information.

NEWS : ​Nancy  offered "Keyboard Singing" to the ASMTA for inclusion in the June 2017 conference in Tucson. 

Next recital opportunities:

Monthly DAMTA Student Musicales (Denver)
​Apr 1--EVMTA Spring Recital (Phoenix)
May 5--Spring Fling (Denver)​