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NEWS : ​New recording of "All of Me" 


ONLINE lessons, anywhere, or onsite lessons in the Northern Colorado area (Fort Collins) are available. Mentoring for teachers is also available. Please contact me for more information. I have just opened up additional time, so six openings are now available.

​​All lessons are 45 minutes long. ​Open slots (Mountain Standard Time) :   Tues 3:45 weekly, 5:15 weekly; Wed: 3:30 pm weekly or 6:15 pm bi-weekly; Thurs: 4 pm bi-weekly, or 6 pm weekly. 
Tuition is payable in advance monthly, or at a discount by semester or by school year. (For full explanation, see policies, last page, under Teacher above). Registration fee is $85, payable yearly.

As of May 31, 2020, contracted 45" weekly lessons are $62.50 each, bi-weekly $67.50 each. Single drop-ins are $75 each. Students will have their total contracted lessons averaged, payable monthly in advance. (Each August, the cost will increase by the official cost of living rate of change.) 

​​Use Contact Me above to request more information.

Next recital opportunities:

Monthly DAMTA Student Musicales (Denver)--online

Free Group Classes monthly -- next one March 6

TVB Online Recital  on May 29