Studio Newsletter with Calendar

tar-of-show Erin Moran out of her wig, Nancy, & Mollie Moran after Thoroughly Modern Millie; and Nick Lormand and Nan
March 2021

Online Group Class

During our online group class on Feb 6, we worked on music definitions, and Stephanie shared her tough aria, I Know That My Redeemer Liveth, from Handel’s Messiah.

Our next online group class (only 40” long!) is on Sat., Mar. 6, at 2 pm MST. We will work on more music definitions and other theory, as well as adding weekly journaling to our goal-setting. Be there or be square!


Jalie has completed her pedagogy review and has started on her first solo piece, Caro Mio Ben. She prefers legitimate songs, rather than CCM.

​​New York
Alum Astrid has been accepted at the Manhattan School of Music, and will be starting there next fall! She will be dropping in online with me for a few tuneup lessons before then. 

Matt has decided that OK isn’t prepared for truly cold weather! No snowplows!

Stephanie had to deal with the power and water outages Texas suffered mid-month! Not fun! 

Ayu will be singing a lullaby in Indonesian Dutch, Suliram.


“Hey Nancy! 
Wanted to give you an update of what I'm doing! Good to hear from you! Right now I'm in Yokosuka, Japan. My ship is in port right now. Not much to do because of COVID. But I'm trying to make the best of it. Japan is awesome and I have my own house (renting)! So that's nice! Thinking about getting a keyboard piano so I can practice that and my singing! Hope you and your family are well. I love you and miss you! 
With Love,


“There is a difference between discomfort (associated with growth) and pain (associated with harm). You cannot grow without experiencing discomfort. You cannot thrive while experiencing pain.

“Not only is it okay to fail, you need to fail to be successful. Failure means you are taking risks and learning from mistakes. Perfectionism is the enemy of growth. Make some big choices, take some big chances, and celebrate the learning moments that result.”

Jeremy Sortore (former colleague at Denver School for the Arts)

Husband was hospitalized another ten days...they put in a feeding tube and rebalanced his electrolytes and iron, so he is feeling better and doesn't have to struggle to get enough fuel, fluids, and meds down, now.

Phenomenon of “mirroring”…if one person is nervous, the second is likely to become so. It’s a case of “monkey see, monkey do.” Stress shows in your face, body, and voice. Reach for freedom!​​

Cheers, Nance



Next three months:

Mon, Mar 1—Tuition due.
​Sat, Mar 6, 3 pm—Online Group Class
​ Wed, Mar 10, 9:30 am — DAMTA meeting online
​ Mar 7-20—
STUDIO CLOSED—Spring Break; 1 year since COVID closures began
​ Sun, Mar 14—Daylight Savings Begins
​Wed, Mar 17—Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
​Sat, Mar 20—Spring begins!
​Sun, Mar 21, 2 pm—DAMTA Online Student Musicale
​Thur, Mar 25—Happy Birthday, Brady!
​Sat, Mar 27—Passover
​Sun, Mar 28—Palm Sunday​​

Thurs, Apr 1—Tuition due, and April Fools’ Day!
​Sat, Apr 3, 2 pm—Online Group Class
Sun, Apr 4—Happy Easter!
Mon, Apr 12, 9 am—FCMTA meeting
Apr 14—Happy Birthday to Bernadette! 9:30 am — DAMTA meeting online
Sun, Apr 18, 2 pm—DAMTA Online Student Musicale (feature duets and ensemble music)
Thur Apr 15—TAX Day
Fri, Apr 16--WORLD VOICE DAY!​
Thur Apr 22—Earth Day, AND Happy Birthday to Eryn!​​

Sat, May 1—Final contract year tuition due; May Day, AND 2 pm—Online Recital Rehearsal
Mon, May 3—Happy Birthday, Catherine!
Sun May 9—Happy Mother’s Day!
Mon, May 10, 9 am—FCMTA meeting online
Wed, May 13, 10:30 am—Nancy sing at DAMTA Teachers Musicale (?)
Sun, May 16, 12:00— DAMTA Online Student Musicale— Nancy hosting
Sat, May 29, 2 pm—The Voice Builder Online Spring Recital
Mon, May 31—Memorial Day; Summer and fall contracts due, plus Fall registration fee
May 31-June 5—STUDIO CLOSED​​