Studio Newsletter with Calendar

tar-of-show Erin Moran out of her wig, Nancy, & Mollie Moran after Thoroughly Modern Millie; and Nick Lormand and Nan
March 2020

New York: 

Happy birthday to Astrid on Mar 7! Also, a message from her mom, Sindi, said:

“She had a master class with Brian Zeger, artistic director vocal arts Juilliard. Apparently only 2 other seniors (from Professional Children’s) applied to Juilliard, so there were only 3 students in the master class. She came home positively glowing. He loved her interpretation of Se Florindo. Said he’d never liked the song until he heard Astrid sing it, and it came alive. She said he had tons of critique for the other two students. Only praise for her, only suggesting more support for her low notes in When I Have Sung. Astrid said he echoed everything she’d learned about acting a song.** Thanks again for being such an awesome teacher!”
**See the article at the bottom of the newsletter!

Also this exciting news from Feb 7: “Hi, Nancy, Astrid just heard that she’s got an audition with Curtis [at Juilliard] next month. Only 20 of the 380 who applied get an audition—and only 6 will get in…” Congratulations, and best of luck, Astrid!


Alum Kelly Williams got cast in ANNIE in a couple of supporting roles — Mrs. Perkins and Mrs. Greer, and ensemble in general! (She was the runner-up for Miss Hannigan, and they had to hold an extra callback to decide. Good job, Kel!) 


​​Alum Kerry Knuppe’s latest movie trailer is out for The Subconscious Dreamer!


Matt Murphy is continuing work on recording his album! I will be sitting in again but live in March! I will also sing in the Chandler Center for the Arts’ performances of the senior variety show, The Spice of Life, on Wed, Mar 18, at 2 pm, and Thurs, Mar 19, at 7 pm. Anyone in the area is invited to come! It’s always surprisingly good!


Stephanie Morrison continues to hone in on pedagogical information to help her work with her choir. It is my pleasure to help with that! She has also let me know that she will be in Colorado in April, so we will get together for an in-person lesson then! Looking forward to it, Steph!


Mallory Bernstein, our wonderful piano collaborator, performed a one-hour piano concert at the Cathedral Basilica in Denver, and I was able to drive down to hear it. She did some amazing music, including a World Premiere!

Alum Nick Lormand held a photographic gallery opening of his animal photos called Nature Through the Lens (along with fellow photographer Igor Zeilinsky) on Jan 30! He works in Brazil and owns Scarlet Studios. Congratulations, Nick!

 Brady Opp is continuing with our studio!​​

The group class on Feb 8 was great fun (in spite of the snow!) with Tay, Erin, and Bernadette! In addition to singing for each other, we played Music Bingo—a really fun way to review symbols. Saturday, Mar 7, at 3 pm, is our next scheduled group class; then, April 4, 3 pm, is group class; May 2, 3 pm, is recital rehearsal with Mallory; and May 30, 4 pm, is the recital and potluck! Wow! Time flies!



Don’t forget that Daylight Savings starts this month, so try to start going to bed a little earlier each night to avoid the shock to your system on March 8! Doctors are really pushing the full 8 hours of sleep and don’t like Daylight Savings’ effects on our bodies—extremely stressful—according to a TED Talk we recently watched.

My brother, author E. Michael Lunsford, has just had a book launch of his most recent release, Derek Hyde Knows Spooky, which can be found on  in book, Kindle, streaming, etc., forms. It is most appropriate for approximately 8 to 12-yr-olds—full of puns, and silliness, and scary stuff, too! Derek is a very brave boy! I recommend it for gifts!

Cheers, Nance


Green is Denver only, Blue is Phoenix only, Red is studio closed, White is everyone)


​Sun, Mar 1—8th of 10 tuition payments due
Wed, Mar 4—Nance doing presentation on faux fur to Ft C ASG​

​Sat, Mar 7, 3 pm—Denver Group Class at Erin and Jason’s home, Happy Birthday to Astrid!
​Mar 8-23—
STUDIO CLOSED, Daylight Savings STARTS; Nancy in AZ
Mar 8, 15, & 16—
Phoenix recording, Tempe 
​Wed, Mar 19, 2 pm—Nancy sing in
Spice of Life at Chandler Center for the Arts
​Thur, Mar 20, 6 pm—Nancy sing in
Spice of Life at Chandler Center for the Arts
Wed, Mar 25—Happy Birthday to Brady O!​

​Wed, Apr 1—9th of 10 tuition payments due
Fri, Apr 3, 7 pm—FCMTA Adult Recital, 3633 Rocky Stream, Fort Collins, 80528
Sat, Apr 4, 3 pm—Denver Group Class at Erin and Jason’s home,
Sun, Apr 12—Happy Easter!
Tues, Apr 14—Happy Birthday to Bernadette!
Sun, Apr 19—DAMTA Student Musicale​, Nancy hostess
Wed, Apr 22—Happy Birthday to Eryn!

Fri, May 1—final tuition #10 of 10 due
Fri, May 1, 7 pm—FCMTA Formal Recital, Foothills Unitarian Church, 1815 Yorktown Ave, Fort Collins, CO 80526​​
Sat, May 2, 3 pm—Denver recital rehearsal at Erin and Jason’s home
​Sun, May 3—Happy Birthday to Catherine!
Sun, May 10—Happy Mother’s Day!
Wed, May 13, 10:30 am—Nancy sing at DAMTA Teachers Musicale
Sun, May 17—DAMTA Student Musicale​
​​Mon, May 25—Memorial Day
​Tues, May 26—last lessons for contract year
​May 27-29—Colorado State Music Teachers Association Annual Conference --Nancy presenting Keyboard Singing
​Sat, May 30, 4 pm— Denver Spring Fling Recital at Erin and Jason’s home

​May 31-July 21—8-week Summer Session

July 22-Aug 8—STUDIO CLOSED​​