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tar-of-show Erin Moran out of her wig, Nancy, & Mollie Moran after Thoroughly Modern Millie; and Nick Lormand and Nan
March 2018


The first weekend in February, Ireland and Astrid sang for the AZ State NATS Student Auditions in Tucson. In Classical for 14-15-yr-olds, Ireland placed third, and Astrid won 1st place! Astrid also sang in the winners’ concert following the awards ceremony. Both girls also received Honorable Mentions in Music Theatre, and Astrid received an Honorable Mention in CCM for her jazz songs. Bravo, ladies!

On the 17th, Astrid competed in Classical Singer Magazine’s Vocal Competition at ASU, even though she was sick, and received some very nice evaluations.

Phoenix Events

​Mon, Mar 19 is the deadline for AZ MusicFest Competition with the competition date of April 8 for anyone interested!

Remember that Mar 31 is our group class! No more competitions, just fun!

IMPORTANT: We will be holding our May recital on the 19th, rather than the 26th.

Denver Events

DAMTA’s 03/18/18 Community Outreach Musicale will be at Shalom Park (formerly Shalom Cares). The hostess is Gabriela Gottlieb, 303-721-1076, Time Change: 3:00 pm. Let me know if any of you would like to preview a song there, and I will ask Stephanie to accompany you.

Rehearsal for our May recital with Stephanie is being planned, currently for Saturday, April 14 from 1-3 pm, location to be confirmed.

Our May 5 recital will once again be at Rockley’s Music on W. Colfax. Warmup at 3:30, recital at 4:00, dinner back in town, afterwards. Tell your friends! ​

Off-beat Experiences of Professionals

“The fly that buzzed around me continuously entered my mouth on the Mozart Alleluia when I was, of course, open for a high note.” Carol Ann Niles

Notes from Master Class at 2018 AZ State NATS Auditions in Tucson—Part 1 of 5

Breath motivates the sound.
Don’t sip your breath.
Cover mouth tightly with both hands (SOVT), sing, pull hands away suddenly and keep singing.
Breathe in for sad, happy, love
Let breath motivate you to move
Intake—something new
Swing style—could breathe on every word
You never “hold” a note—it moves
Hold nose and release to sound
Stay on pure vowel
Car engine reve “uhuhuhuh”


“One of the main puzzle pieces of emotional balance is the perspective people have when choosing to make changes. And essentially, there are only two ways people make changes: through fear or purpose.
“With FEAR, you are moving AWAY from an issue. Example: ‘I want to be out of debt.’
“With PURPOSE, you are intentionally moving TOWARDS what you want. Example: ‘I want to be financially free.’
“We have found that when clients realign their goals with Purpose, they get better faster, with less effort, and with longer-term success.
“When you are in FEAR mode, your emotions tend to circle around depression, anxiety, frustration, panic, and being overwhelmed.
“When you focus on PURPOSE, your emotions will show up as joy, happiness, enthusiasm, and gratitude.
“So, take a moment and reflect… In your journey of healing, how do you approach it?”
Kirsten Carey,Chef, NLPP, Certified Holistic Nutritionist
​ ​​

​ (My Personal Note is in the Blog this month.)

Cheers, Nance


Green is Denver only, Blue is Phoenix only, Red is studio closed, White is everyone)

Sat, Mar 1—Tuition DUE! After the 5th, please add $5 late fee.
Sun, Mar 11—Daylight Savings begins (Denver, set clocks back!)
Thur, Mar 15—EVMTA meeting
Sat, Mar 17—Happy St Patrick’s Day!
Sun, Mar 18, 3 pm—DAMTA Musicale Outreach Concert at Shalom Park
Mon, Mar 19—deadline for AZ MusicFest Competition (
Tues, Mar 20—First Day of Spring!
Sat, Mar 31, 1:30—Phoenix Group Class

Sat, Apr 1—Tuition DUE! After the 5th, please add $5 late fee
Sun, Apr 1—Easter
Sun, Apr 8—AZ MusicFest Competition
Sat, Apr 14, 1-3 pm—rehearsal with Stephanie, location to be confirmed​
Sun, Apr 15, 2 pm—DAMTA Musicale at Classic Pianos of Denver, 1332 S Broadway, Denver 80210​
Tues, Apr 17—Tax Day
Thur, Apr 19—EVMTA meeting
Sun, Apr 22—Earth Day
Sat, Apr 28, 1:30—Phoenix Group Class

Tues, May 1—Tuition DUE! After the 5th, please add $5 late fee (LAST contract-year tuition payment)
May 4-9—N in Denver for Recital (5th), DAMTA Teachers Concert (9th)
Thur, May 10—classes resume
Sun, May 13—Happy Mother’s Day!
Thur, May 17—EVMTA meeting
Sat, May 26, 3 pm—Phoenix RECITAL
Sun, May 20, 2 pm—DAMTA Musicale at Classic Pianos of Denver, 1332 S Broadway, Denver 80210​
Mon, May 28—Memorial Day
May 31-June 3—ASMTA Conference (N presenting The Art of Russian Song)

June 5-July 28–-8-week summer session begins

Sun, Jun 17—Happy Father’s Day!
June 22-26—NATS Conference in Las Vegas STUDIO CLOSED
Sat, Jun 30, 1:30—Phoenix Group Class

Wed, Jul 4—Happy Independence Day!
Sat, Jul 28, 1:30—Phoenix Group Class

Wed, Aug 1—FIRST of 10 averaged Contract-year Tuitions DUE! After the 5th, please add $5 late fee
Aug 10-14--PAVA/VASTA Joint Conference in Seattle, WA; STUDIO CLOSED​
​August 14—start of 2018-2019 Contract Year​ lessons