Studio Newsletter with Calendar

tar-of-show Erin Moran out of her wig, Nancy, & Mollie Moran after Thoroughly Modern Millie; and Nick Lormand and Nan
Sept 2019


Astrid  gave a great performance at the closing recital for her Juilliard summer program, and has a new apartment she is sharing with her mom for her senior year in NYC while attending Children's Professional HS and her Pre-College program at Juilliard!


Matt continues to work on writing and recording his country-western songs and doing gigs.


Our first group class is on Sept 14! Looking forward to it! Erin is going to be singing at the Musician's Society 100th Anniversary on Nov 2, followed by our Fall Fling recital rehearsal at her home!

Personal Notes:

We SURVIVED! Bought a new home, sold the old home, moved contents and settled in. How glad I am that this ordeal is OVER! (Well, except for the leftover boxes!) Although I miss Denise, Reece, and Ryan, as well as all of my Phoenix students and friends, the weather here is so much better for us both, and the air and water are excellent! Mel is loving sitting on the porch, and my asthma has completely disappeared, so I was, indeed, allergic to whatever blooms in AZ all year around.  I’ve rejoined DAMTA and the Ft C MTA, as well as CO-WY NATS (if anyone up here wants to compete), and have been tutoring English again, and adding to my schedule. At this rate, I’ll be just as busy as I was before! :) However, at this moment, I have plenty of openings, so please share that around!

Cheers, Nance


Green is Denver only, Blue is Phoenix only, Red is studio closed, White is everyone)

Sun, Sept 1—2nd of 10 tuition payments due
Mon, Sept 2—Labor Day
Sat, Sept ​ 14—Denver Group Class 

​​Tues, Oct 1—3rd of 10 tuition payments due
Sat, Oct 5—Denver Group Class, Mel and Nance 53rd Anniversary​
​Thurs, Oct 31—Happy Halloween!

​​Fri, Nov 1—4th of 10 tuition payments due
​Sat, Nov 2—Denver Fall Fling recital rehearsal at Erin & Jason’s home
​Sun, Nov 3—Daylight Savings ENDS
Nov 24-Dec 2—STUDIO CLOSED for Thanksgiving break

​Sun, Dec 1—5th of 10 tuition payments due; Happy Birthday to Tay!
​Sat, Dec 7—Denver Fall Fling Recital and Potluck at Erin and Jason’s home
​Sat, Dec 21—Happy Birthday to Matt!
​Dec 22-Jan 6—STUDIO CLOSED for holidays—Merry Christmas!