Tip of the Month
December 2018


Watching the physical therapist working on my husband's neck and upper back, giving him more exercises to do, adding range of motion activities...all of this has reminded me that we are in a world that almost forces us to SLUMP.

​​The consequences are many! Degenerative disc disease in your neck from the head forward/down positions that we assume when driving, looking at our phones, typing on our computers, and even reading books--this disease can cause cramping, nerve pain in your neck, shoulders, and arms, as a starter. Interference in nerve communication from the brain to all parts of the body can occur, causing weakening of organs and muscles, and general functioning.

Save yourself from a lot of pain, and the accompanying tension that will interfere with your voice, by doing an honest assessment of your posture. With a hand mirror, look at yourself from the side in a larger mirror. Are your ears over your shoulders and hips?  If not, start counteracting the SLUMP!

REACH FOR THE SKY with the top of your head, whether sitting or standing. Add a back pillow to your car seat to help you to maintain an upright position (they don't call them "bucket" seats for nothing!). Do exercises like retracting your head while keeping your eyes level. Squeeze and release between your shoulder blades. Do two sets of 10 repetitions 4 times a day of each of these exercises. Get a stand-up desk. Get a better desk chair. Look up info on ergonomics. Care for yourself!!!! Let's DUMP THE SLUMP! ​​