Tip of the Month
March 2021

Each person has an identifiable sound…why?
     Each person also has a different face and body…why? The small structural and tissue differences between us allow us to visually identify people as different from each other. We don’t expect everyone to look exactly the same. Nor do we all appear the same on the inside! Our bone structures and tissue densities, etc., are all different. Those medical wall charts are all approximations of what we look like inside, not exact representations.
     As an example, most people have a high, hollow arch to their hard palates. I have a large lump there, called the “Hump of Taurus”, which is the result of continual intense bone growth in utero. In other words, the two halves of my hard palate didn’t just meet, as is normal, but continued to grow and ultimately pushed downward on the roof of my mouth. Does this affect the way I produce sound? It certainly changes the “echo” space that I have available in my mouth, so it should affect the space that I must create in my pharynx to make up the difference.
     We are all unique…isn’t that fabulous?!